It's about time ... 

Classic Double Rooms: Rm2 "Gustav Klimt" & Rm6 "Vincent van Gogh".

These two rooms are larger than the small double room.

Room 2 is located in the West Wing, on the first floor at the rear of the guest house. 1 flight of stairs/14 steps.

Room 6 is located in the Garret, on the second floor at the front of the guest house. 2.5 flights of stairs/32 steps

Room 2, is a bright and spacious, quiet room. With a 3 speed remote controlled fan and a wall mounted hair dryer.

With a dressing table, 32" flat screen T.V & thermostatically controlled radiator.                                                                                             

Room 2, en suite shower room.

Room 2, en suite shower room.

Time for a good night's sleep...

Room 6, is a romantic feeling room with a view of the Lord Street rainbow lights. This room has a three speed remote controlled wall fan and a hairdryer.

A 32" flat screen smart T.V, wall mounted clothes steamer and thermostatically controlled radiator. With a view of the Lord St rainbow lights.

Thermostatically controlled bar shower and shaver socket.

Room 2, En suite showeroom

Time for a good night's sleep....